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My kinks: cock caging🌐🍆🌐, ass pegging💥, ass and pussy stuffing🥒, enemas🌊, nipple clamping🖇, cock sounding 💉, ass, cock and pussy fingering ☝️, pussy and ass stretching 🅾️,pussy and ass watering 🍾🍷, body spanking 🤬, pussy and cock and ass icing ⭕,mouth gag and fucking 🤤.

Worship me, pet🐶🐱. I will TREAT you right 👸🏻🐞.

Comment: lovense nickname + ASL + toys, NOW. Do not keep me waiting…. 👠🍆🍑

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Lovense: littlebeetle


  • ASL: 25, M, US

    Have the edge, 2 butt plugs, a vibrator, and a dildo

    Lovense: bdsmthrowaway7

  • Hello Mistress my lovesense is mzippe96 and I have a hush in and not suppposed to cum tonight. But was told I could play just better be able to hold it back . I have a yoke a isolation hood and some cufffs . ALso have some bondage tape somewhere

  • 21 m usa ryan1998 toy edge f****** machine with wide variety of attachments wand nipple clamps restraints Chastity cage molds estem with different attachments collar gag blindfold

  • Lovense name: Nathalos
    ASL: 21 male germany
    Toys: Hush, Max, Dildo, other Plugs and chage and gag ;D

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