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26 F4A submissive

Hello my name is Becca, I am 26 years old and submissive, I just got a license hush and would love to try it out very soon. I am also a GD User and love Dares and Tasks. If you text me, feel free to give me a task.

Likes: Nipple Play, Clit play, Corner Time, Semi-Public, Self bondage, Wedgies, ice, online games with forfeit Punishments: Line Writing, Enema, Spanking, Messy, Blackmail, candle wax, anal Limits: verbal humiliation , Blood, Scat, Family, Animals, Public, Illegal, Full Body Pics, Body writing

Like to be controlled
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Lovense: BigBecca

Kik: BigBeccaWhite

Skype: [email protected]

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