F4M puppies🐶

I am a 25 year old female looking for a submissive man. Hush and edge toys are a must (if you have more toys then it is definitely a plus). If you like to obey – do everything what I want and need a domme I am here for you.

Leave a comment with: Your lovense username + toys you have.

I will reach to you ASAP. I REALLY WANT TO PLAY🕹… (If you’re a good puppy 🐶 you will get rewards….)

Your Miss Beetle🐞

Sex toy:
Nora, Lush

Lovense: littlebeetle



  • Hi Misses Beetle, I am Kevin 39 from germany. I have a hush ad a Lush. I wear the Lush tied up onto my cock so you can easily force me to cum whenever You want.

  • Hello Mistress.

    My Name is Marc, i am 28 Years old and from Germany.

    I have an Lovense Edge and some other non lovense toys.

    You can controll me via Lovense, Kik and Skype.

    I Hope you like what you Read.

    Best Regrards

    Slave Marc

    Lovense ID: german_guy1990
    Kik: Please ask in Lovense App
    Skype: Please ask in Lovense App

  • Hi Miss Beetle,
    I’m locked in chatity since 01.01.2019 and i need to cum, please can you help me?
    I have a hush.
    My Lovensename: Target75

  • I would like a chance to prove what a good puppy i am.

    Right now I wear a cock cage (self-regulated) I am forcing myself to cum with prostate stimulation only.

    2 edge toys

  • 31/M/swe here, and I enjoy pup treatment.
    I have lush, hush and edge.
    Add me if interested

  • 28 male here and I would love to obey you! Having, edge, hush and max and you can find me under username curim90 from the app

  • hi littlebeetle.
    i’m a submissive sissy with lush and hush.

    feel free to wield your powers over me 🙂
    lovense : lillys_sissy

  • Don’t have too much time to play, so when I do I want to make it count…
    – Max
    – Edge
    – Domi
    – Hush

    Also into chastity and discovering some more…

    Username: Somethingforthemind

    I hope to be hearing from you soon, Mistress; and will try to serve you well!

  • Well met, Miss Beetle.

    Looking for puppies? Would you consider a fox? I’ve got ears and a tail to prove it. ;P

    I’ve got a Max and a Domi with plenty of attachments – all kinds. As well as an original Wand with a light dimmer and timer. And I’m no stranger to a little self-restraint. ;3 Only scratching the surface.

    Lovense: ‘Crevaan’ if you’re interested. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Shyone4048 have hush, max and then various other toys such as collar, paddle, strap on, cage, feather tickler, various anal toys as well.

  • Hello Mrs,

    I’m a 26 year old male. I have a max, an edge, and other toys not connected (whip, ropes, clamps, etc).

    I would be happy to please you and be ordered by you.

    My lovense Id is Belisaired.

    I will be happy you add me.

  • Dear Miss Beetle,
    My name is Sunny, and I would be happy to have you control my toys. Which consist of the lush and the hush. My username sunnydecuir

  • I am getting the Edge tomorrow. Account is pegn00b. I’m into chastity and have a cage on. I’m 33 from UK

  • i have a max, edge and a hush and would love for you to take full control of me. i would do anything you desire of me just to get a chance of you using me as your personal toy!

    lovense username: ainami

  • Good afternoon Domme. I’m 33 male from Maine. I have the large hush and would love to find someone good to use me.

  • I love to be controlled! Please make me do naughty things. Kkmkirk, edge and large dildos for pegging.

  • Hi Miss Beetle. I have a hush and many other toys but not lovense. Bdsm stuff. Username is: chrizz0815
    I like to obey and it makes me happy when you use me hard and when i your puppy.

  • Hello Miss Beetle,

    I hope you are doing well I am a locked puppy in a cock cage and I would be honored to be controlled by you.
    I have the hush and soon getting the edge and hopefully the max.
    You can contact me at the following:
    Kik – nightowl126
    Lovesene- janderson126

    Hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.

    Locked puppy.

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