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38 big boobs, tattooed, and looking for male or female Dom/domme

I am 38 and I’m looking for male and or female doms/dommes looking to control my sex and orgasms. I just want to play. Very wet and pretty pussy.

Like to be controlled
Sex Toy:


  • Hi add me 27M. I ‘ll loved to take control of you and your toy.
    Kromp33 for your pleasure

  • Hey there, Love to play sometime and control. Anything from tease, edge to harder. Open to most. Add me ‘MrCashman’

  • Please feel free to add me…

    I’m yukonjack

    I have an exceptional understanding of how the situation and your activities dictate the best way to use your Lush and patterns to maximum effect…whether it’s a tease you want, or a wickedly erotic orgasm, or perhaps both.

    Give me a shot. What do you have to lose? I also have some patterns to send tyat you might like. A lot 😉

    Either way, enjoy your Lush….and have a magnificent day 😎

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