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Sub 27M4F Domme – I need you

Hello Mistress,

I’m a 27 yo loser, balding and living with his parents, Mistress. I’m still a virgin and only had one gf before. I’m a blank slate for you to mould to you perfect slave/sub.

And I want to be just that, Mistress. Your perfect little loser slave. I want to be your slut, always ready for you commands.

I need you in my life, Mistress. I don’t want to be lonely anymore, Mistress. Please help me.

I’ve got toys and willing to buy more. I’ve got a Lovense Edge and Hush, Mistress, for you to control me by.

I hope I’ll here from you soon, Mistress.

Like to be controlled
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Lovense: RossGeller1994

Kik: RossGeller1994

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