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18 M4M horny boy

READ: Giving away my exact location and address. Say you’ll rape me if you want it, just ask for it as the first message you send. Come rape me whenever you want, tho tonight would be preferred. I’m in California. Only add if you’ll rape me

Location:United States

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Snapchat: alyx_kane1

39yo seeking controlling dominants, old or young

Love partners degrading and using me, turning me into a faggot bitch, want to be intrigued to be used by k9 and guys pushing me into young etc. making me look at them etc sexually progressing me down that dirty dark route of perversion to be a despicable dirty pedo faggot serving true cock not my clitty cock.

That is only one aspect however, I love control, degredation, mind use, hypno, modification all leading to me being a dirty faggot bitch…

need to be used and controlled, humiliated and degraded, verbally abused and ( possibly) turned into a chem hnh/coked sleazy fuck slave


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Snapchat: Deviantdr

Kik: Deviantdr

18 m4m my snap is

40+ only. Hey I’m looking for a daddy that wants too really verbally abuse me , yell at me and call me names. I also love when real dads tell me about incest fantasies.

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Lovense: Horny24/7

Snapchat: Stupid_fag2021

Hey im Gay 25

Snap me with your dicks. I love dicks. And I’m always horny for you

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Snapchat: fatih-gs05