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Crucial Tips to Practice Safe Sexting

Sexting has become part of modern-day romance, especially in instances when the distance is a barrier to close encounter. It is basically sharing steamy photographs, images, or even videos while flirting online. Over the years, it has become very popular considering the widespread use of the internet. There have been, however, cases of this private data ending up to unintended parties. Media shared in this manner is meant to be discrete while keeping the identity of the sexting partners confidential.

As much as it is fun to indulge you should always be careful while sexting with a person you just met online, or know very little about. A common repercussion of private data leaking to the public is the stigma that is associated with body shaming which can be embarrassing or traumatizing particularly when it is shared with your peers.

This might even affect your professional career where clients have little or no faith in you or simply do not want to be associated with you. If your job involves public forum such as politics or showbiz, it may harm your image and general perception by the audience.

Safe Ways To Sext

Technology has played a vital part in how we interact on a day-to-day basis. In fact, it has also changed the online romance scene, with safer ways to both, sext and engage in long-distance romance. Lovense users deals in both female and male sex toys albeit with a twist in their functionality which is integrated into mobile device via a dedicated app which is downloadable on the Apple Store, or the Google Play and other.

Basically, any two devices, whether male to male, female to female, or male to female, can be connected remotely over an internet connection. The wireless toys can be connected via a tablet or desktop as well. It allows you to have long distance sex in three ways, where your sex toy controls your partner’s toy, your partner’s sex toy controls your toy, or both sex toys sync and interact with each other.

The app supports video and text messaging with the data passing through secure servers where they are encrypted. When one Lovense lush device in a connection moves, the other moves in real time because each device is built with advanced sensors letting you feel your partners movements as they happen.

Lovense users have the option of connecting to a third party software such as Chaturbate after connecting the toys using the Lovense app. Because both Google and Apple have a non-sexual policy it is difficult for people to find each other on the Lovense remote app, which is why it is important to visit the official website for setup instructions and further guides.

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