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[m4f] Looking to control or be controlled

Hey there. I’m a fairly cute CD with a hush looking for a female to play with. We can sync, you can control my hush, or I can control your toy. I prefer controlling the edge because I can get more creative with a dual vibe, but whatever you have I’ll happily drain your battery all the way down.

Sex toy:

Lovense: Part-time_girl

Kik: Qwi_Qwi

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jdk0210, 31/m Phx

hello there. Message me and I’ll usually get back to you ASAP.

I’m 31, sissy cd, and loves ass play. I have the Hush in right now and I love it.

I love submitting to dominant women and mtf trans-women. 🙂

Lovense: Jdk0210


Thinking of buying a hush – advice please ?

Hi. I’m a guy who adores wearing lingerie and I’m seriously wanting a hush but wanna know if they’re really worth it before I take the plunge.


Looking forward to having it controlled remotely. Feel free to message me – lingerieguy

Lovense: lingerieguy


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