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24 male, chubby but lovable, seeking long term female playmates.

Found this site while seeing if I could find lovesense users. I’d love to meet someone who would be into long term play. Pictures of course, though I wont rush them. I am someone who likes personal pictures, so the ones you’d share with everyone aren’t as sexy to me. Looking for a woman who enjoys taking commands (within reason) and showing herself off. I don’t mind if you want to know me just as someone to ping when you want to get your rocks off, or if you’d like to become friends. I’m afraid of spambots getting all my user information but skype me and I’ll share the rest 🙂

United States
Like to control
Sex Toy:
Don't have

Lovense: PandaWolf

Skype: helpcooldo

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F4M puppies🐶

I am a 25 year old female looking for a submissive man. Hush and edge toys are a must (if you have more toys then it is definitely a plus). If you like to obey – do everything what I want and need a domme I am here for you.

Leave a comment with: Your lovense username + toys you have.

I will reach to you ASAP. I REALLY WANT TO PLAY🕹… (If you’re a good puppy 🐶 you will get rewards….)

Your Miss Beetle🐞

Like to switch
Sex Toy:

Lovense: littlebeetle

M4F Come get some pleasure! (Girls only pls)

Hey, i’m 25 male from France and i would love to show you my lovely controlling skills !

I like to play and care about you and your pleasure, feel free to add me i don’t bite 😉

I like naughty girl who don’t mind sending voice, pics and even cam.

I also have a Max if you want to sync.

I speak English & French

Lovense: Azeriaz

Kik: Azeriazzz

ChocolatBlack (sweet & intense)

Swett & intense, in chocolat… (English/French/Creole) Have Max to sync with Nora-Lush or other (Woman Only) Not need to ask more….

For your pleasure…

——- Fr: Doux & intense, au chocolat. (Anglais/français/créle) Ayant Max pour synchroniser avec Nora-Lush ou autre (femme seulement) Pas besoin de dire plus…

Pour votre plaisir….

Lovense: Chocolatblack

Kik: ChocolatBlack1

M4F Venez goûter au plaisir …

Toutes les femmes francophones sont les bienvenues, je me ferais une joie de discuter avec vous et plus si affinité 😉

Je me ferais un plaisir de vous contrôler en toutes circonstances !

Je préfère les femmes qui n’ont pas peur d’envoyer des sons, photos et même faire de la cam.

Je parle anglais et français.

Lovense: Azeriaz


Feeling playful tonight😏… you’ve got 3 minutes to say hi by vibes🕹… If I like them maybe we can play longer… Amaze me😅, but not abuse me – if you do that I am going to kick you at your ballsack/fanny🙄. (I👸🏻 prefer LOW vibes – up to 4 level).

🐞 – 26, bisexual female.

🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ – you can be either female or male, best if older than me.

Lovense: littlebeetle


I would love to control you 🕹 and play you 📉📈 untill you cum 💦 (or not 😋 – I like to leave my playing partners on the edge sometimes…) I’m looking for a male, preferably with Max, Edge and HushEdge is a must 😊. 

Please comment here your lovense usernames so I can add you in the app – type: your username + ASL!! 😚 (You can add me in app, but I’ve got too many pending requests already... 😊)

(I’m 25 year old female 👸🏻🐞.)

P.S. I still need a Daddy and a Mummy!! 👩‍👧👨‍👧 (means older playing partners for daily/semi-daily basis…)

Lovense: littlebeetle

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🐞 wants to play…

I’m a bisexual girl👸🏻, age 25 looking for *older partners (males and females) to have some pleasure time on daily/semi-daily basis. Control me, give up controlling and be controlled🕹- make me orgasm as I would make you too. 


*older partners – if you’re younger than me but you’re mature and interesting just add me; we can try playing too 😉



Lovense: littlebeetle

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