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19 m virgin 4 f

I have bought for my self a vibrating fleshlight, I’ve separated them so actually i have a regular fleshlight and an egg vibrator Looking for a mistress that will give me tasks to do


Kik: contra144

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Dom – Master – Daddy looking for submissve F 25+

Hello my name is Ralf and i’m 43 years old and i’m from europe GMT + 1.

I have been a dom in real life and online for two years. Currently I am also looking for a sub that is reliable, honest and willing to enter into a relationship. It does not necessarily have to be a strong relationship, but it can. I just do not want a one-time session.

My preferences are anal and vaginal treatments. I also like nipple games, spanking, stretching, enemas and tasks. Blood and needles are unacceptable and also some other things. I like very long long dirty emails, written reports. Later I would like use skype. I also like enemas to punishment and enema training you (must).

It is important to me that everything that is done is safe. That should be self-evident. I also think it’s important that many people talk about expectations. For me is a dom which instructs what he would like no dom but only an asshole! The game is based on trust and above all on the knowledge of the wishes of the other person. Enough, I start to philosophise.

What do you expect from your future dom? So if you are interested we can talk and see if we fit together. I have KIK and Skype.

Like to control

Kik: ralfi1975


Dom Looking for Female sub fun.

Hello, I go by Wolf, till I get to know one better. I am straight , interested in women. I am a Dom, most see me as a Daddy type, though it really depends on the day on how I am. Some days I am soft handed, other a bit more rough, depending on my mood and who I am having fun with. You can find me by the following down below should you wish to talk to me more, see if our interests match up close enough. I do love to play on voice chat as well.

Like to control
Sex Toy:

Lovense: domwolf84

Kik: WaYaMeijin84

Skype: rodeocowboy84

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M4A Looks like a good place to find you

I’m a 37 Latin Male, i like to enjoy a safe and fun sexual life, and currently I’m looking for people (whatever gender you identify yourself) that enjoys playing with the Lovense toys.

I’m a Edge user and preferably like sync sessions when using it, but i really care about yourself and i like to pleasure you any time.

I’m a freelance so got a lot of time available.

Lovense: JCHV_82

Snapchat: Outsider_28

Kik: Outsider_28


Uk male 23, looking for evening fun and socialisation also

I’m Mr T, 23 Canadian living in uk, looking for some lovely women to connect with, socialise and have a good time with, I’m slim build, quirky and love to get into interesting scenarios, feel free to add me up and look forward to connecting with you! ✌️🙌🙌🙌

Lovense: Da_Obliterator

Kik: Da_Obliterator

Skype: live:bd3c9d9e08d14bd1 (Da_obliterator)


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