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F4F Public Control

Ay, I’m Lena, I’m 19 y.o. and from France

I’ve been playing on lovense for a little while and I’m searching for more people here. I really enjoy public control, which means being controlled in public places, near friends or next to my girlfriend, but I also love controlling a girl that’s next to some people or just in public places. No matter if you are straight or not, but you have to be a girl. I often enable auto-connect for ppl I trust

I can recognize a man control & a woman control — only women knows how to control well another woman’s toy

Let’s be clear rn : no pics

Like to switch
Sex Toy:

Lovense: lenamazing

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[F4F] 20, dom

I love to control girls, with some soft teasing in public place, or near friends, or good vibes during the night (I am patient… to keep some surprises during the night.. 😍)

I adpat my control to the will of my partner, it can last long and soft, or stronger, or even unpredictable 😘

I used to play with a lush with my ex gf but I never used one on me and don’t want to. I prefer giving pleasure. I only accept women.

Add me 🙈 f0xxx_

Like to control

Lovense: f0xxx_


f 21 sub usa

want someone to control me, wanna be your baby ♥️ i have a nora and lush and i want a girl to control me so bad 😩 if anyone has a group chat i’m down too hmu with an invite!

Lovense: honeybby

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Greetings from a UK switch…


This girls name is courtney, pet, slut etc, however this girl is a switch and is able quite easily to be a Mistress.

This girl is a M2F transgender and has been on hormone therapy for three years.  Her ass is there to be used now.


Lovense: courtneyblush


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