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[M4F] 20 Looking for someone to control

Hi there 😛 Really bored and horny, looking to hopefully find someone to have fun and maybe continue doing such with them more often! Once I get a max we could even sync 😛

Sex toy:

Lovense: Nightan

Snapchat: Nightan

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ChocolatBlack (sweet & intense)

Swett & intense, in chocolat… (English/French/Creole) Have Max to sync with Nora-Lush or other (Woman Only) Not need to ask more….

For your pleasure…

——- Fr: Doux & intense, au chocolat. (Anglais/français/créle) Ayant Max pour synchroniser avec Nora-Lush ou autre (femme seulement) Pas besoin de dire plus…

Pour votre plaisir….

Lovense: Chocolatblack

Kik: ChocolatBlack1


32 m4f with new Max looking for mutual gratification with sync

Hey there,

I’m 32, male, and currently reside in the Spokane area. I recently got a Max and I’m looking for someone(s) to enjoy a little mutual gratification. I’m a switch by nature, which means I’m pretty much into most stuff save for the taboo. If a quicky is your desire, alright or if you like a little social foreplay that’s cool too.

Lovense: Uaeldiin

Kik: nofunallowed86

Skype: Uaeldiin


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