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M29 for Female Mistress

Good day. I am looking for a Mistress who will use me the way she likes it and how she enjoys it the most.

I am 29 years old, come from Germany and have almost no taboos. I would be glad if a mistress takes care of me.

I own an Lovense Edge and some other nonLovense Toys.

Sincerely Sub M.

Like to switch
Sex Toy:

Lovense: german_guy1990

Kik: Schnubbi00031990

Skype: marcschubi

24 M4F Daily playmate

Looking for women who enjoy having a good time and are honest with themselves. If you want to try something new, or think I won’t like you because of your age or your shape you should add me and Ill show you a good time…

If you’re looking for someone who is eager to please you, rather that be to submit to you, or to treat you like dirt, then you’ve found who you’re looking for. I work from home so an available constantly. Just talk to me and we’ll see what happens.

United States
Like to control
Sex Toy:
Don't have

Lovense: helpcooldo

Kik: helpcooldo

Skype: helpcooldo

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M4F 21 looking for someone to play frequently

Hello, just looking for someone to chat and play with frequently, not necessarily on a daily basis, just to hit each other up when in the mood. I prefer controlling and making you squeal for me, but when I’m in the mood for it I can also be made a moaning mess with my Hush

Like to switch
Sex Toy:

Lovense: cammccam

ChocolatBlack (sweet & intense)

Swett & intense, in chocolat… (English/French/Creole) Have Max to sync with Nora-Lush or other (Woman Only) Not need to ask more….

For your pleasure…

——- Fr: Doux & intense, au chocolat. (Anglais/français/créle) Ayant Max pour synchroniser avec Nora-Lush ou autre (femme seulement) Pas besoin de dire plus…

Pour votre plaisir….

Lovense: Chocolatblack

Kik: ChocolatBlack1

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