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27 M4F descriptive writer looking for eager reader

Hello from the Pacific Northwest,

I’m 27, white, brown hair and blue eyes. Best described as average shape with broad shoulders.

One of the truly wonderful things in the world are women who are driven, ambitious, and professionally successful but at the same time crave someone to take power and choice from their hands and let them indulge in submission and dubious agency. I’ve had fun with others in this capacity.

If something here struck a chord feel free to contact me, maybe we could create a story for you together.

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23[M4F] Master looking for a submissive girl to train

I will train you into my perfect little slut. I will punish you when I need to, but I will also take great care of you and I’ll reward you when you’re a good obedient girl.

My kinks include hypnosis, mind control, rapeplay/cnc, primal, light bdsm, spanking, collar/leash, ownership, cgl, choking/hair-pulling/slaps, orgasm control, public play, remote control toys, and more.

It can be entirely online, or start online and then move on to meeting IRL if you’re from Western Europe.

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