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[M4A] 27 Bear Dom for younger submissive

27 Bear Dom looking for a younger submissive looking to give over control of their toys

Also looking for submissive interested in long or short term online play

Prefer slim and smooth

Interests include cum control and denial, humiliation, public play, toy play, spanking, bondage, Daddy/little,

Male specific kinks – Underwear and jockstraps, edging

Also have a large voyueristic nature and enjoy watching subs play with themselves on their own

Sex Toy:
Don't have
Like to control

Lovense: Daddysbdsm

Kik: Daddysbdsm

Skype: Live:bigburtha214


[M4F] 20 Looking for someone to control

Hi there 😛 Really bored and horny, looking to hopefully find someone to have fun and maybe continue doing such with them more often! Once I get a max we could even sync 😛

Sex Toy:
Don't have
Like to control

Lovense: Nightan

Snapchat: Nightan


M4F 22 australia

Looking for a lovely lady to control


Aussie Wolfie

Marital status:

Single, ( might be looking, depends on circumstances )




Straight ( sorry guys )






depends on the roleplay, i do like a bit of everything but i do have my limits

Looking For:

women to roleplay with or casual fun


not a fan of blood, gore, scat, piss, not a fan of rape but will do a bf who is roleplaying a rape (burglar kind of stuff) I’m not into a forced rape rp, and i hate being abusive


women for rps, unless you need server help then i am open to dms

A bit about yourself:

I’m David from Australia ( yes i do have a very strong accent ), I’m 22 and i love a bit of cards against humanity every now and again, I’m a full blown gamer as well and i love to mess around and be very silly ( where’s the fun in life if you cant be silly every now and then ), i love being on voice chat when I’m on my computer as well, lemme know if you wanna chat about anything im very open and i have a strict confidentiality opinion, so whatever you say to me will stay between us ( unless you are planning on hurting yourself, i cannot look the other way on that, sorry ).

Sex Toy:
Don't have
Like to control

Lovense: AussieWolfie

Snapchat: D.burns2905


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