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[M4F] 20 Looking for someone to control

Hi there 😛 Really bored and horny, looking to hopefully find someone to have fun and maybe continue doing such with them more often! Once I get a max we could even sync 😛

Sex toy:

Lovense: Nightan

Snapchat: Nightan

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19 M4F

I’m an open guy, I’d love to help any girls out there squirm and get pleasure from my control. I’m open to most anything, not just what is in my tags, so don’t be afraid to ask me for things and such.

Snapchat: domy-domz

Kik: xdom123x


Dom/daddy/owner seeking sub/little/pet

I’m searching for a submissive for either text or video/voice/picture play, I have a wide range of likes, so even if your favorite kink isn’t listed here feel free to ask me about it.



My kinks include, bdsm, Bondage, oral, anal, deepthroating, orgasm denial, orgasm control, pain play, humiliation, exibition, degradation, mummification, objectifacation, forniphilia, watersports, pet play, sensory deprivation and behavior modification.

Snapchat: Evilknight66

Kik: WickedWarrior99

Skype: Travisnc99



26, straight male from the USA looking to play with females, both controlling and being controlled, I’d love to sync my Max to your Nora! I’m also happy to play with couples too!

Lovense: BatSupe3

Snapchat: jbm10b

Kik: BatSupe3

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