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36 m high n Bi

Having fun solo skiing here. wanting to try go hard but not possible to much coke come and play

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Snapchat: Wazzer1234

Kik: Hornybi36

19 f4m/ little/ brat/ sub

🧸would anyone like to take me away from my abusive dom? 🐮it doesn’t matter how old you are i just need someone to care for me and love me. 🐻i’m not looking for nudes i’m just looking for someone who will be there and support me 24/7

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Snapchat: natalie9574

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I’m a wittle 🧸 🐮

❤️i’m 19 and i need a dom, caregiver and/or brat tamer. i’m mostly a little, sub and serve as a brat.

🐻it doesn’t matter your age as long as your can respect my limits and train me as i go.

🐮i struggle with self image and positivity, i’m suffering from depression and anxiety, following derealization.

Sexting Accounts

Snapchat: natalie9574