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49M4F A Female to control me

Seeking any Female dom are sub any age to control me and my hush. Lock me in chastity own my cock and my orgasm and tease me till you give me a ruined orgasm locked in chastity…. If you have a toy we can control each others if your interested.

Location:United States Control:Like to be controlled Sex Toy:Hush

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Lovense: tx_guy1

Snapchat: txguytouse

Kik: railhds

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29 M 4 F looking for a fun, but relaxed friendship

I’m a guy looking for a discrete friendship with a woman who is interested in good conversation with some fun on the side! I’m interested in a casual friendship with trust and understanding of each other’s privacy!

I recently got a Max 2, but I don’t want to sync it with just anybody. I’m looking for someone to play with regularly, learn each other’s likes and dislikes, and enjoy a fun arrangement. Add me with my usernames below, and we can get to know each other!

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Lovense: khalazhar

Snapchat: tctc6770

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