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35 m4f control me

I love going to bed with my hush in and will be doing it tonight. If you add me you can play any time my toy is on. I love to see if I sleep or have someone play with my toy. you you lay you can tell me to put on my cock cage as well. Ladies only please.

Location:United States
Lovense toy:Hush

Sexting Accounts

Lovense: SilentStorm1985

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27M4FemDom – Looking for my Mistress/Goddess

Dear Mistress/Goddess,

I’m 27 yo loser who likes to be used by a powerful woman. I am very submissive and like to do what my Mistress want. Anything to make you happy! The only thing I won’t do, is sending pictures with face.

I’m lonely and a loser, here’s prove: 1) I still live with my parents, 2) I love anal, 3) I’ve only got one gf and didn’t have sex with her, 4) I’ve had sex once with a hooker and didn’t cum, 5) I love to be controlled. Please make me feel useful, Mistress? I beg you 🙁 I’ve got a Lovense Edge and Hush.

Hope to see you soon, Mistress!

Lovense toy:Hush

Sexting Accounts

Lovense: RossGeller1994

Kik: RossGeller1992

25 M4F Talented Controller

Hello from the UK ladies! If you’re looking for great vibrations look no further as I’m sure I will be able to make you cum over and over and even make you squirt too! 😉💦 I prefer being dominant but also like to switch and give you the control to edge me until my balls are aching for release.

Add me and let’s cum together! 😘

Lovense toy:Edge

Sexting Accounts

Lovense: ntense1

Snapchat: DJNTense1

Kik: ntense1

34 M4F to have fun together

Would to control a girl and bring her pleasure to the top!… I control with a condescending style, which means that I will pay attention to the girl’s need anyway. Good familiarity with Nora and Lush toys.


Sexting Accounts

Lovense: Dan4192

Kik: Lastreefer