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28 M4A, video/voice

Hi! I would like to control and dominate nice sub (girl,boy,trans) with the video or voice option. Let me hear your moaning.

Like to control
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Don't have

Lovense: krakkk

24 male, chubby but lovable, seeking long term female playmates.

Found this site while seeing if I could find lovesense users. I’d love to meet someone who would be into long term play. Pictures of course, though I wont rush them. I am someone who likes personal pictures, so the ones you’d share with everyone aren’t as sexy to me. Looking for a woman who enjoys taking commands (within reason) and showing herself off. I don’t mind if you want to know me just as someone to ping when you want to get your rocks off, or if you’d like to become friends. I’m afraid of spambots getting all my user information but skype me and I’ll share the rest 🙂

United States
Like to control
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Don't have

Lovense: PandaWolf

Skype: helpcooldo

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27m looking for horny females

Looking to control or be controlled or both? If yes we can have fun together!!!

Am willing to exchange pics, control/be controlled in public places and if you want something I am open to try.



If you live close to me we can meet


I am Discreet if you want me to be

Lovense: Hugo30491

Snapchat: Noam30491

Kik: Noamalch


I’m a 31 male switch. I like to be controlled and sometimes dominate.

I love pics and tried video chat, too.

Add me to have fun together…

Lovense: Masterslave87

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Dom/daddy/owner seeking sub/little/pet

I’m searching for a submissive for either text or video/voice/picture play, I have a wide range of likes, so even if your favorite kink isn’t listed here feel free to ask me about it.



My kinks include, bdsm, Bondage, oral, anal, deepthroating, orgasm denial, orgasm control, pain play, humiliation, exibition, degradation, mummification, objectifacation, forniphilia, watersports, pet play, sensory deprivation and behavior modification.

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