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[M4F] 20 Looking for someone to control

Hi there 😛 Really bored and horny, looking to hopefully find someone to have fun and maybe continue doing such with them more often! Once I get a max we could even sync 😛

Sex toy:

Lovense: Nightan

Snapchat: Nightan


Inferior Chinese Slave in Asia seeks Superior Masters to control Edge

Nincompoop30 on Skype seeking Dom Master to Control his Edge… High Sirs!! Inferior Chink Slave with Edge in his hole seeking a hardcore dom master to force intox and control my Edge till I moan like a bitch for you and surrender control to do all your wishes..

Chink is naked on the floor ready to be your bitch Sirs!!

Sex toy:
Be controlled

Lovense: ChinkFagSG

Skype: nincompoop30

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Sissy Mummy’s Boy, needs controlling by Daddy!!

I am a little sissy boy, who likes to be brutally and ruthlessly abused!!  My asshole is ready for you to fill and hammer as hard as you like!

Once you’ve had your fun, please please please send my username to all your muscly gay male friends to abuse and torture… I love it so much, that I could cum just thinking about it!

P.S. I love Dick Pics sent to my Snapchat!

Lovense: evan4fun

Snapchat: evanmareth

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Play with me!

Young gay 18 year old crissdressing sub boy oooking to be used and controlled by any older dominate men or females.


I live to please you!

Lovense: Kittyboi


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